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Zinia is the brainchild of data science leaders, Aashutosh & Randeep. While working with various financial organizations across Europe for over a decade, they observed a big disconnect between the technical teams building AI models and the business teams actually using the models in their customer processes.
With an aim to ensure AI was aligned with business objectives, Zinia was founded in 2019. Zinia empowers non-tech users to produce business relevant AI. Being the world’s first self-serve AI Platform for business users, Zinia ensures they own the AI build from the start to realize maximum value. With Zinia, AI is freed from the technical silos and flows freely across the organization.  


To continue to empower business users with AI assisted decision making by giving them a platform rooted in simplicity, flexibility, adaptivity and explainability.

Zinia: Powering AI-Driven Business Decision Making

Your business insights + Our AI powered analytics = Your springboard to business success.

Zinia optimises business outcomes with human-centered AI.

Most AI development in organisations is misaligned with business KPIs. Zinia is built with the vision to address this key problem by democratising AI for you.

Tap into the power of business relevant AI, without the complexities of coding or dependence on data science teams. Zinia puts the most sophisticated algorithm in your hands, empowering you to build AI backwards from business objectives, maximising business value.

With a proven track record with several financial institutions, Zinia is your trusted partner to achieve your business objectives, right from optimising price, increasing sales to devising operational strategy.

We are Humanising AI for you, ensuring you harness the true value of data. Helping you reach from Data to Optimal decisions in no time.

With Zinia, say goodbye to technical silos. Get ready for Alignment of AI with Business. 

Integration of AI into processes.

Zinia: Bringing sophisticated AI to business users

Business owns
their use

Zinia unlocks
AI production

Fast & Effective
value add

Why Zinia?


Cuts down AI build / implementation time from months to a few days i.e., 10 X gains


Increase in business value by 10-20%

Industry first ‘ROI Calculator’
on AI use cases

Standardization of AI implementation

Improve AI production robustness and governance even for organizations with data science teams.

AI Culture

Usher in adoption of AI across business operations.

How it works?

Select your most important business decisions / use cases

Set your business outcomes & business constraints on a web-enabled front end

Zinia connects to your data and automatically builds AI models delivering optimal decisions

The optimal decisions can be delivered directly to your CRM / Decision Engine

Our platform measures business value add in production and reports it

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